No fast food drive through

UPDATE: Second planning application submitted

Developers are planning to build a drive through Burger King on the site of the former West End Police Station on Westgate Road, Newcastle.

Local residents are strongly opposed to this proposal for the following reasons:

  • increased traffic
  • increased air pollution
  • reduced road safety for children
  • littering
  • promotion of unhealthy food

Raise your objection with the council. Your voice matters and will be seriously considered. Objecting to the application is the most powerful way to make your feelings known to the decision making powers of the council.

The drive through restaurant will significantly increase traffic very close to a busy pedestrian crossing in close proximity to three schools.

Four bus stops, outside of the proposed Burger King site, are on children’s school routes.

More traffic on feeder roads, junctions, crossings, bus stops and residential streets represent serious safety concerns, which we believe have not been considered in documents supporting the application. As residents of the area and parents it is extremely important that the planning application for a large fast food drive through in our area is rejected.

The proposed site represents an opportunity for a developer to enhance the West End of the city and build something that would provide an amenity and resource for our community.

A fast food drive through restaurant of any description in a residential area with the highest levels of fast food outlets close to primary and secondary schools and bus stops is an unthinkable proposition for the city. If granted it will set a precedent in the area.

Please consider the real implications this fast food drive through could have on the West End of Newcastle by rejecting the proposal.

Litter outside the proposed site