Public Meeting Update

The Church of the Venerable Bede

Saturday 5th October 2pm – 4pm

 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 8AQ

The west end residents association are hosting a public meeting to discuss the proposal and where the campaign is.   It will be an opportunity to hear what has been done so far and what still needs to happen, and strategies for various possible outcomes.     Speakers from the council will share their views on the matter and there will be an opportunity to ask questions as to what you can do to help further.


A speaker from similar protest will also be presenting their experience when it happened to them and how they defeated the might of Macdonalds.

Update :

02/10/2019 Agenda Released !!

2pm: Welcome, introductions, apologies
Why this public meeting matters

2.10: Chi Onwurah (MP)
2.30: Steph Downey (MacDonald Campaign)
2.50: Questions and Comments to speakers
3.00: Cllr Nigel Todd (Arthur’s Hill)
Taymar Pitman (Green Candidate)
Cllr Rebecca Shatwell (Wingrove)
3.15: Other speakers and Open discussion
3.45: Next steps
4.00: Close.