24 Bags of Rubbish Collected

We had a strong turnout for the regular blitz on the disgraceful state of the streets around our bit of the west-end.

The former West End Police Station surroundings definitely needed some TLC to smarten it up and greet passengers getting off the bus with our best, clean face!

The large group of local residents cut back overhanging foliage, swept up fallen leaves and picked up discarded food containers and wrappers, packages, plastic bottles, beer cans, glass bottles and bus tickets.

It was also a good opportunity to raise the profile of the campaign and get more signatures. Talking to pedestrians about our hopes for the site and the area helped spread the word and still a surprising number were not aware . Passing cars tooted their appreciation and a good number of people shared their support for a bit of community good spirit.

This action is part of a wider community effort to raise the quality of life in the area by taking responsibility and educating by example. The presence of a fast food outlet in this community will massively increase an already massive problem – with limited support from the council – it is likely to become much worse.

Great community atmosphere – we got a lot done.

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