Newcastle City Council has refused the application for a drive-through Burger King at the former police station site on Westgate Road.

Two applications were submitted for the former police station site. The first was for a drive-through Burger King. The second was for shops and flats. Both applications were unanimously refused at the planning committee meeting on Friday 18 September 2020.

Local residents, who had been campaigning against the plans, expressed their relief at the decision and hope that a better use can be made of the site that meets the needs of the local community.

Members of the campaign would like to take this opportunity to thank the council planning department for their hard work considering comments/objections/support from the community. Thanks also to the councillors who supported their constituents by raising their concerns and the councillors on the planning committee for their transparent, detailed and thoughtful process. Finally, a big thanks to the 137 people who took the time to submit objections.

The meeting was live streamed and you can watch it below. The relevant section starts at around 2:09 (at around 11:30am).

The agenda and documents can be viewed on the council website:

Planning Committee Friday 18th September, 2020 9.30 am