The plans for a drive-through Burger King were refused by Newcastle City Council on 18 September 2020But now the developer is appealing to the secretary of state to overturn the decision.

Newcastle City Council’s planning committee along with local residents were strongly opposed to this proposal for the following reasons:

  • A drive-through Burger King would look out of place and would not improve the character of the area.
  • The only entrance and exit to the drive-through, shops & flats is at the top of Dunholme Road.
  • 120 cars per hour could result in queues forming onto Dunholme Road junction and Westgate Road.
  • Temptation for school children to eat unhealthy food.
  • Trees and greenery on the site have been removed and the development does not improve the landscape.
  • The development is in a residential area and would cause noise disturbance from cars, deliveries, waste collections and kitchen equipment.

During the planning committee hearing, it was noted that rarely does a proposal contravene so many council policy directives.

Local residents are dismayed that the developer is continuing to proceed with this poorly thought out development and hope that the appeal will be turned down.

You can make your voice heard by submitting a comment to the planning inquiry. Comments must be submitted by 1 April 2021. The date for the inquiry hasn’t been set yet.

This is the last chance to stop this development.

For more details of the appeal please see the formal notice from the council: