Plans to build a drive-through Burger King on the site of the old police station on Westgate Road will go to a public inquiry in November.

The plans were rejected by Newcastle City Council in September 2020 but the developer appealed the decision earlier this year. The appeal is being heard at a public inquiry starting on 16 November 2021.

Local residents are strongly opposed to the proposed development as they feel it is out of place for the area, will cause noise and traffic issues, and it encourages the consumption of junk food. The West End Residents’ Association (WERA) has instructed a barrister to represent the local residents at the inquiry.

WERA is asking residents to attend the inquiry if they can. It will be held on 16-18 November, then 23-24 November. Representation is particularly important on the first and third days 16 November and 18 November. Please get in touch with WERA by email on if you would like to attend.

More details can be found in the update below.