Application withdrawn

On Tuesday 19th of November, a formal letter of withdrawal was submitted to planning officers. A new application will be required for further development of the site.

‘Further to recent discussion/correspondence in relation to the above, I confirm that the submission has been treated as withdrawn and that no further action will be taken upon it.
If at any future date you wish to proceed with the proposals, it will be necessary to prepare and submit an entirely new application.’

Residents are hopeful that there may be an opportunity to meet with the applicant or representatives to put forward ideas and talk about concerns prior to the next proposal.

Highways Authority recommends refusal of the application.

‘The Highway Authority do not support the current proposal and the application must be refused. ‘

‘There are serious highway safety concerns regarding the development proposal. ┬áThese are:

  1. The existing junction to be used and the entry is historic, however the intensification of its use combined with its physical location adjacent to the Westgate Road / Dunholme Road junction raises serious highway safety concerns that could not be addressed without a major amendment to the development layout.
  2. The circulation route of the drive through has the potential to block itself and thus queue back onto the adjoining highway
  3. Exiting from the site onto Westgate Road.
  4. Servicing arrangements for the development.’
  • Highway Works

‘ The highway authority cannot identify highway works as the current development has major highway safety issues that could not be mitigated against with highway works. ‘

Newcastle City Council Public Health object to the proposal

“Public Health at Newcastle City Council objects to the proposed
establishment of a drive-through fast food facility on the site of the old police station on West Road as it is at odds with section CS14 of the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan for Gateshead and
Newcastle upon Tyne”

“At some point, we need to draw a line – not specifically in relation to Burger King, but in relation to the broader over-provision of unhealthy food options. Given the concomitant issues of pollution
and congestion in this instance, and notwithstanding the question of relative proximity to schools, this proposal seems a good point at which to draw that line.”