The council refused the application in September 2020 but the developer is appealing to the secretary of state.

Even if you submitted an objection before, you can make additional comments on the planning inspectorate website via the links below. You can also upload photos. (Please note that a copy of your comments will be sent to the developer as well as the planning inspector.)

As previously, there are two separate references for the two parts of the site (west and east). You can respond to either or both of these.

The deadline for comments is 1 April 2021.

Police Station (West) – Burger King – Ref: APP/M4510/W/20/3263441

Police Station (East) – Shops and Flats – Ref: APP/M4510/W/20/3263625

See below for more details on the original planning applications.

Second planning application (2020)

Two separate planning applications were submitted on 6 July 2020. The site was split into two parts (west and east) with a separate application for each. Both planning applications were refused at the planning control meeting on 18 September 2020.

Police Station (West) – Burger King – Ref: 2020/0933/01/DET

Police Station (East) – Shops and Flats – Ref: 2020/0934/01/DET

First planning application (2019)

The developer submitted a single planning application on 12 August 2019. This application was withdrawn before it went to planning committee. You can view the details of that application here (Ref: 2019/1193/01/DET):