It is no longer possible to object but you can find the details of the planning process below.

Planning appeal (2021)

A planning appeal was held in November 2021. This appeal was rejected in January 2022.

Police Station (West) – Burger King – Ref: APP/M4510/W/20/3263441

Police Station (East) – Shops and Flats – Ref: APP/M4510/W/20/3263625

Second planning application (2020)

Two separate planning applications were submitted on 6 July 2020. The site was split into two parts (west and east) with a separate application for each. Both planning applications were refused at the planning control meeting on 18 September 2020.

Police Station (West) – Burger King – Ref: 2020/0933/01/DET

Police Station (East) – Shops and Flats – Ref: 2020/0934/01/DET

First planning application (2019)

The developer submitted a single planning application on 12 August 2019. This application was withdrawn before it went to planning committee. You can view the details of that application here (Ref: 2019/1193/01/DET):